Old Riga Free Tour

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Daily tour, start at 11:00 from St. Peters Church

Riga at Night Kayak Tour

See Riga from a different point of view - water

  • 19 bridges in lights, fountains, beavers and perfectly spent time.
  • Most beautiful tour in Riga will be something that you will remember forever!
  • Duration about 3 hours(2 on water + instructions etc)Distance 8 km.
  • Starts at 20 00 from the entrance into St Peters church
  • 30 Eur p.p Pre Booking requested
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Bicycle Tour - Your Riga bike tour option No.1

Explore Riga best way possible - by bicycle

  • See where and how Rigans actually live.
  • You will see places that only rare visitor has seen!
  • It’s 2-3 hours of pure fun!
  • Price is 20 eur p.p . Prior booking requested
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Segway Tour

explore the city different way - segway

  • Try something new and really exciting.
  • Explore more of Old Riga Art Nouveau district and Boulevard circle!
  • It’s 1 hour long!
  • Book your Segway Tour today
  • 28 Eur per person segway rent(1 hour) + 45 euro tour price for all group total
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Sigulda tour

Visit "the Switzerland of Vidzeme" - Sigulda

  • Duration - about 5 hours.
  • Explore the beautiful countryside of Latvia.
  • Gauja river National park!
  • Castles, caves, churches, bobsleigh track and many more
  • Price from 70 Eur per person
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Kayak Day Tour

See Riga from a different point of view - water

  • Being in the city and nature at the same time
  • Beautiful parks, gardens,bastions and monuments
  • Enjoy the beauty of your holidays in Riga!
  • 30 Eur per person. Pre Booking requested
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Soviet Riga

Before independece - Latvian Soviet Socialistic Republic

  • Political system
  • Daily life of people
  • Architecture, culture, censorship
  • It’s 2-3 hours long!
  • 25 Eur per person
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Jewish Riga

Jewish history in Riga -

  • Holocaust in Latvia
  • Memorials and personalities
  • People who cared
  • It’s 2-3 hours!
  • 30 Eur per person
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Jurmala Tour

Visit the largest resort city in the Baltic States - Jurmala

  • Duration - about 3.5 hours
  • Baltic sea beaches and pine tree forests!
  • Old wooden summer houses
  • Open air museum in Jurmala!
  • 60 Eur per person.Pre booking requested
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Art Nouveau Tour

Greatest pearl of Riga - Art Nouveau

  • Capital of Art Nouveau in the world.
  • Outstanding exterior and interior!
  • It’s 2-3 hours of architecture pearls !
  • 20 euro per person
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Riga Bus Tour

Most of Riga covered - live speaking guide

  • Short walks on route- Art Nouveau district, Kipsala island, Central market
  • No more audio guide!
  • It’s 2 hours!
  • Book you tour today
  • 30 Eur per person
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Old Riga Walking Tour

Historical part of Riga - This is where everything started

  • History
  • Architecture
  • Culture
  • 2 hours of great time
  • Book your tour today
  • 20 Eur per person
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Market Food Tasting Tour

Explore Place where we all shop - Riga Central Market

  • Meet,milk,vegetable,gastronomy and fish pavilions.
  • Variety of degustations!
  • It’s 2-3 hours of delicious time in Riga!
  • 30 Eur per person
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Latvian Cooking Tour

Explore Latvian cuisine - cook with latvians

  • Cooking typical soup,main meal and desert
  • Traditions and customs of Latvian kitchen
  • It’s 4 hours of pure fun!
  • Tour can be booked daily
  • 40 Eur per person
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Escape Room

Need to escape to discover Riga

  • Use your inteligence through different hints
  • Team building amongst you!
  • Joy of comleting the mission-maybe completing..
  • This event is a lot of fun!
  • 20 Eur per person. Pre Booking requested
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Latvian Sauna Tour

Real Latvian sauna ritual

  • Ritual includes use of –Tree and herb besoms, scrubs, masks, peelings, honey, salt, chocolate and citrus fruits.
  • Massage with hot volcanic stones
  • Relaxeation of body and mind that will make you feel as newborn
  • Ritual lasts about 2 – 3 hours
  • 100 euro p.p(max 3 pers)
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Beer Tasting Tour

Tour made to try,tell,entertain and have a good time

  • Biggest selection of Latvian beers in Riga
  • A game about beer to see who knows more
  • Duration about 2 hours.
  • 20 Eur per person. Pre Booking requested
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Why come to Riga?

Why come to Riga? Hmm.. Riga is a city to enjoy! In 800 years Riga has collected so many stories and legends that you would not get enough of them.

Riga old town is a pearl of the Baltic see which awaits to be discovered. More then 800 years of history reflects in Riga old town. Riga is a city were centuries meet - dwelling houses and churches from 13th century. Fortification systems like some parts of the old town wall, towers and gates from 16th century. The winding streets will take you to the 19th and 20th century parks and Art Nouveau buildings. All this combined with the urgent growth of 21th century. All of this and much more you can experience from local perspective by going on our Riga Old Town Free tour.

Riga is not only the old town but even more awaits you in the suburbs. The suburbs are undiscovered treasures for travelers.