Bicycle Tour - Your Riga bike tour option No.1

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Explore Riga best way possible - by bicycle

  • See where and how Rigans actually live.
  • You will see places that only rare visitor has seen!
  • It’s 2-3 hours of pure fun!
  • Price is 20 eur p.p . Prior booking requested

The tour starts in Old Riga at Pils 14 (next to Grand Palace hotel) where firstly we brief you on cycling rules in Riga! You can choose the bikes that suit you best - size, ATB, touring etc, e-bike (+7 EUR). We get, reflective vests, helmets (optional), tour guide system and of we go!

There are a few routs that you can pick!

  • Moscow Suburbs - Area that developed in the 16th, 17th centuries as one of first Rigas suburbs.

    Inhabited by different nationalities - russians, jewish and latvians, it`s been a working mans area. Located along the river Daugava, this area was used as docking port for various goods coming from the east. Ship building companies, saw mills, and other busineses were run here. Place for 2 jewish ghetos during the 2nd world war. Memorials, oldest public parks in Riga and beautiful wooden architecture!

    This part of Riga has the ruff lineament and special aura around it!

  • New Riga city tour - Riga is divided in to two parts, oposite to the Old Riga, on the left bank of Daugava, is called Pārdaugava or simply - Over the Daugava.

    This part developed in its own way, becoming a favourite place for Rigans to build their summer manors in the 17th century. Expansion of this part sped up when the first bridge was built, that connected both parts of Riga.

    German landlords old summer manors, cemetaries, World war monuments and even a very famous gypsum factory. We also cycle around Kipsala island, that got it`s name from fisherman Kipis. This island will amaze you with Old wooden buildings, in which many fisherman, loaders and fairyman used to live in the 18th and 19th centuries.

  • Riga Center tour - Central part of Riga, developped when old defense bastions were taken down, they used to go around the Old Riga and guarded the city from attacks. A bouleverd circle was created. On our way we will see Freedom monument, Rigas Ortodox cathdrel, Dailes theatre (the first profesional Latvian theatre), Laima chocolate factory, football and hockey stadiums. We will see places of the old KGB headquarters in Riga and public punishment and execution spots. At the end of the tour we will hit the special Art Nouveau district and Andrejosta port.

All these tours will make you see real Riga, with all it`s beauties and flaws. Entertaining and relaxing after the tour you will be more than happy :)


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