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Real Latvian sauna ritual

  • Ritual includes use of –Tree and herb besoms, scrubs, masks, peelings, honey, salt, chocolate and citrus fruits.
  • Massage with hot volcanic stones
  • Relaxeation of body and mind that will make you feel as newborn
  • Ritual lasts about 2 – 3 hours
  • 100 euro p.p(max 3 pers)
Latvian Sauna Tour

If you want to enjoy real latvian tradition, sauna ritual is the best choise.

At sauna we are HERE and NOW and this is the only way how to be happy for real.

Nothing can set somebody's mind at rest, make to forget trouble, relax and rebuild the body like sauna ritual. The ritual will give you a rush of energy, liveliness, pleasure, joy of life and improve your health and immunity.

During the ritual I use scrubs, peelings, and masks: salt with essential oils and herbs, honey, clay, chocolate. For aromatherapy several herbal infusions are made.

Sauna ritual consist :

1. scrubs, peelings: salt with essential oils and herbs

2. masage with besom suitable for you.

3. mask: honey, clay,or chocolate

During the ritual you can relax by fireplace drinking hot herbal tea or traditional latvian drink (nonalcoholic).

Sauna ritual takes 2-3 haurs.

The things you need:

1. towel

2. overall (recommendable)

3. bathing – costume (it can be towel or swim wear, or you can go naked. Most important – to feel comfortable)

4. fruits (if you want to eat something)

The things you dont need:

1. no alcohol

2. no drugs

3. no meat, no fish

Meeting place is entrance into St Peters church!

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