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explore the city different way - segway

  • Try something new and really exciting.
  • Explore more of Old Riga Art Nouveau district and Boulevard circle!
  • It’s 1 hour long!
  • Book your Segway Tour today
  • 28 Eur per person segway rent(1 hour) + 45 euro tour price for all group total
Segway Tour

Riga is perfect to be explored on the Segway! During this event in Riga we explore Boulevard circle and many parks that surround our city!

We pass by many sights that are outside Old Riga and streets that are not covered in cobble!This makes the journey smooth and with a bit of adrenaline!

If you have not tried Segway before you have to do it now!:)


  • Tour guide
  • Segway
  • Helmets(optional)
  • Perfectly spent time

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Meeting place is entrance into St Peters church!

The tour Starts Here