Latvian Cooking Tour

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Explore Latvian cuisine - cook with latvians

  • Cooking typical soup,main meal and desert
  • Traditions and customs of Latvian kitchen
  • It’s 4 hours of pure fun!
  • Tour can be booked daily
  • 40 Eur per person

Latvian Cooking Tour


Each nation has it`s specific cuisine and eating habbits. Latvians are not an exception.

We are passionate gourmets and food lovers. Exploring our eating habbits and traditions we firstly head to Riga Central Market. A special place in Rigas history and daily life. Biggest food market in europe it consists of five old zeppelin hangars, that each contains different products. Meat, dairy, gastronomy, vegetable and fish pavilions.

Strolling through the market we get to know Latvian cuisine, eating habbits, traditions and values, that are being tought from the childhood.

On our way we interact with local salesman and sample some of traditional latvian delicacy and drinks. Personality and ability to be nice is important here, thanks to those qualities you can manage to get the price lower by bargaining too.

You will be given a list of things to be bought and goals to achieve so when done we will head to prepare typical Latvian main meal, soup and dessert!

Bon appetite and welcome to Riga!

Meeting place is entrance into St Peters church!


The tour Starts Here