Riga at Night Kayak Tour

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See Riga from a different point of view - water

  • 19 bridges in lights, fountains, beavers and perfectly spent time.
  • Most beautiful tour in Riga will be something that you will remember forever!
  • Duration about 3 hours(2 on water + instructions etc)Distance 8 km.
  • Starts at 20 00 from the entrance into St Peters church
  • 30 Eur p.p Pre Booking requested

Riga at Night

Kayak Tour in Riga is our and visitors favorite activity in Riga!

Riga from water will show you the city from a different angle. We kayak river Daugava and Riga city canal during the late evening when city life calms down and other face of Riga can be discovered.

On our way bridges in lights, lit fountains, many beautifull parks and even a few families of beavers in the canal.

  • Highlights - Staying in the city center but getting out in the nature, thats how you feel on our kayak tour.

    History of highlights like Freedom monument, National Opera, Riga Central market, Bastion Hill and much more.

    Get a chance to see a member of a beaver family! many of them inhabit City Canal

    Make photos on the way of most beautiful sights in the city in lights

    Fresh air beautiful sights and a little bit of physical activity will make you feel relaxed and charged with positive emotions

  • Included

    • Kayaks and paddles
    • Waterproof bags for your belongings
    • Instructions
    • Professional tour guide
    • Transport from St Peters church to the starting point and back
    • Excellent mood at the end of it

There is no previouss experience needed, instructions and a pro guide is with you at all times.

This will be a tour that you will remember forever! :)

Meeting place is entrance into St Peters church!

The tour Starts Here