Market Food Tasting Tour

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Explore Place where we all shop - Riga Central Market

  • Meet,milk,vegetable,gastronomy and fish pavilions.
  • Variety of degustations!
  • It’s 2-3 hours of delicious time in Riga!
  • 30 Eur per person
Market Food Tasting Tour

This tour is designed to treat you to typical things that Latvians consume on regular basis.It combines classic Latvian dishes and todays favourites.Firstly we explore Riga Central market-history of Moscow subburbs where market is located.We walk through all the pavilions in each of them we have degustations according to the pavilion.This is a special market that is built from 5 angars in which zeppelins where held during first world war.

At the end of this tour everyone is happy, informed and with full stomacs!:)

Meeting place is entrance into St Peters church