Soviet Riga

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Before independece - Latvian Soviet Socialistic Republic

  • Political system
  • Daily life of people
  • Architecture, culture, censorship
  • It’s 2-3 hours long!
  • 25 Eur per person
Soviet Riga

Soviet Riga

It is hard to imagine now that life was so different in Riga and Latvia not so long ago. Mostly Russian was spoken in shops and offices, streets and squares had Soviet names, democracy and freedom of speech seemed to be an unachievable dream. Then our fight for independence started...

During the tour you will walk through places which bring back memories about this difficult period in the history of Latvia, look at the Museum of Occupation of Latvia and KGB House where thousands of people were tortured, humiliated and deported to GULAG labour camps in Siberia, see several Soviet –era buildings and listen to eyewitness account of what life was like in Soviet times.

Meeting place is entrance into St Peters church