Escape Room

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People booked (max/cur): 8/

Need to escape to discover Riga

  • Use your inteligence through different hints
  • Team building amongst you!
  • Joy of comleting the mission-maybe completing..
  • This event is a lot of fun!
  • 20 Eur per person. Pre Booking requested
Escape Room

Escape Room is located near st. Peters church,and is a computer game in reality.

Up to 8 players can join together. Dungeons full of mysteries, where
hidden doors lead to secret alchemist places, and magic intertwine
together with mechanics.

What to expect?

· Medieval based theme and atmosphere

· Interesting puzzles and storyline based on Old Town

· Extra tasks for brave ones and side quest

· English, Russian and Latvian speaking staff and

· Only 3 hints from staff

· Living soul in our premises

Our Escape Room is designed for groups of 2-8 people. Family
friendly, and we are located in hearth of Old Riga, so you dont need
go far away.

Meeting place is entrance into St Peters church!